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Using the Orton Gillingham tutoring approach, we have designed a multisensory program for students with learning differences. Our multisensory program involves utilizing the four learning pathways: hearing, seeing, touching, and scribing. Our belief includes working from simple to complex and strengthening the underlying concepts students struggle with. We place importance on discovery in learning, rather than memory.


Each lesson is individualized to meet the child’s needs. Our units are taught with discovery, practice, recording, and overlearning.

What makes us different

What makes us different than other Orton Gillingham instructors?

Our education director, Hebah Ali, is a certified mathematics and science teacher for the Vancouver School Board and Surrey School District. Although other instructors teach OG concepts, Hebah has created a program which closely connects the Orton Gillingham curriculum with the B.C. Ministry standards. Our program works to help students meet the connection between tutoring and school.

Prior to starting with a new student, the tutor will read the prescribed learning outcomes (from the Ministry of Education’s education standards), for the specific grade level. This will allow the tutor to be informed of what expectations must be met, as well as, set goals for future lessons.

Orton Gillingham

The Orton Gillingham tutoring approach is a multisensory program, which utilizes the four learning pathways: auditory, visual, kinaesthetic, and tactile, to teach phonics and sound to symbol relationships. It was originally founded by Dr. Samuel Orton and Anna Gillingham.

The approach is:

B.C. Ministry of Education Curriculum provides expectations for learning standards at each grade level for each course offered in the B.C. public school system.

Emotional Learning

Many children feel unsuccessful and defeated when they come to our center. We make our students feel like mistakes are a part of learning, rather than errors. We believe confidence is a huge part of success in a child, so a reward system is important.

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